"I grew up with Universal Monsters, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, George Romero, Beavis and Butt-head, TMNT, Cat-Dog and punk rock, yeah... a bunch of cartoons, films and music. 

Painting, reading and playing music have been some of my favorite hobbies since forever, when I was a kid I found out about people like Charles Manson, Aleister Crowley, the Misfits and Anton LaVey  and as time passed all those things created a bomb of imagery and contrasts that soon reflected in my work." 

That is what Kachenstein is, a mix of all monsters, zombies, creepiness fun and punk. I've always tried to reflect bits and pieces of what I am into work, you can see the Frankenstein monster having lunch or a punk zombie just craving for flesh; it's fun to see monsters and spooky creatures contrasted by little fun details in the artwork. 

Wearing a shirt, sticking a sticker on your music gear or putting a button or a patch on your leather jacket expresses what you are, what you like and what you think, just like a tattoo does, that's what I do and I find it amazing when people understand what I am trying to do and wear some of my stuff, it's like a sync. 

Long story short, my love for arts, horror, the occult and cartoons took me this way to do what I have the most fun with... give the living dead a twist of fun.

I hope you enjoy Kachenstein's products and get to know why they look the way they do and where they come from, it's always been really important for me.

•Kachenstein has worked with such bands as Dead Bats Society, Killus, Shoots and Ladders and Jimmy Calabrese.